Installation to star-animation NS-3 simulation on Ubuntu virtual box

Ambar Prajapati
3 min readMay 30, 2021

Getting to run star-animation NS-3 Simulation on Ubuntu 20.04

NS-3 is a simulator for IoT devices apart from Internet systems. Below we present how to get to run star-animation from installation on a virtual Ubuntu box on Windows Hyper-V.

See the star-animation video here on the NS-3 simulator.

This write-up begins with installation on Ubuntu 20.04 for python-3.

Step-1: If intending to run on a virtual box on Windows-10, and looking to set up virtualization for setting up the NS-3 network simulator, you may refer to the Hyper-V install here.

Step-2: Install required libraries for C++, Python API, NetAnim animator, Bake build tool, git, python bindings, etc, referring to the official steps below for the installation.

Since the official steps cover installation for earlier versions of python, make sure to stay focussed on python-3 libs.

Step-3: Once all the required download is complete and when you see ns-allinone repo at your disk, proceed to build


Step-4: Using waf to enable examples and tests

./waf --build-profile=debug --enable-examples --enable-tests configure

Step-5: Running a test for the installed libraries.